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Hey guys What up! great to be here and thanks for having me! I cant wait to meet everyone. I love movies and video games but then again who doesn't! thanks again
Hello and welcome to the CS Forum.

I kindly ask you to at least put some effort in the upcoming posts.
Also, please READ THE RULES and follow them kindly.

Enjoy your stay, cheers.
Read the Rules, please.
Welcome to CrackingSoul
@ newaki Im not able to send message to admin for buy vip membership and cant see any threads please activate my account !!!
@ blindslave i would take another look at all the rules, your answer is there..... I will give you a huge hint on how to stay as an active member, read the rules and follow them. We take our rules very seriously
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  • blindslave
@ newaki Thanks now im able to send message to admin gonna be gold user and will introduce my panel
Welcome to C.S
Hello and welcome, hope you enjoy your stay.
Hello and welcome to the forum bro, enjoy your time here!

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