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@ DA
@ hellintime

It's an humble request , hope I can get it.

It's an humble request , hope I can get it.

Edit:- hey cs members I have been trying to post a tread for requesting adultempire but due to some network issue I guess it had been posted the tread twice but according to rules I can't request two account in a week, 

I tried to delete this tread but it is showing the delete option hope so i didn't break the rules
If I did It was not my mistake it was due to some network issue @ DA Hope so i won't get banned
And if you can delete it I would be glad, 
Trust me why would I request same account twice

Thank you
request granted
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to hellintime for this post:
  • Mr. James Bond
Acc Working, thanks a lot for the pass

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