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DA[Announcement] CS addicted rank unavailable till further notice | AVAILABLE 10TH OCT 2020

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Hello everyone!

Sadly, i have to announce that the CS ADDICTED rank ( my preferred rank ) will be unavailable to apply for, till further notice.

In the last months, i have been watching many members, pointing towards this rank as this is the simpliest one to have and offer a lot of quality accounts.

Well, pointing to have a rank isn't a problem but pointing to have it by making fool of the rules will never be tolerated.

I have proofs, people using more than one account to increase their reputations to apply for this rank. ( You will see them in the warned member section very soon)

Hence, this rank can't be applied until we tweak this rank.

Let me repeat, don't blame me or my staff, blame people who are using more than one account and who are misusing the freedom we gave you.

Kind regards.
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  • Mr. James Bond
The  CS addicted has been updated and can be applied for.

You can check the new requirements here

Keep in mind, running dupe accounts will just result into a permanent ban from the forum.

So, please save our and your time.


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