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DA[Announcement] Warning Reset | The Last And Final Chance

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Hello everyone!

My inbox has been assaulted by some members blaming us for banning them. So, before you guys, blame me and my staff. Read the following.

-CS has rules, simple rules which you are accepting to respect as soon as you buy any membership.

-Our mods are just doing their job,so, they don't have any personal problems with you.

-Don't blame us or don't try to put any pressure on me and on my staff if you used the yearly donation thread and donated.

-Donation doesn't mean, you are allowed to disobey the rules, in any case, because when it comes to the forum and it rules, we don't care who you are.

Just to show you that we aren't here to swallow your money because we don't really give a fuck about it, we are resetting your warnings because you aren't humble enough to accept that you are fucking the rules.

I'm talking about @ deebarnes especially, i have given you already one chance in the past, this is the second chance. Hereby i allow my mods to warn @ deebarnes with 50% warning the next time when he disobey the rules. That means, 2 warnings and you are gone.

@ deebarnes have a look at this guy @ hssc11045. This guy is here since 5 years, he made some mistakes and he accepts them because he is a humble guy and he donated more more and lot more than you and this since 5 years. This guy could be a mod here, understood. So, if the rules are same for him, why should they be different for you?

The warning levels of every platinum and gold members, who have an active membership in date of today, has been reset.

@ deebarnes you take care of yourself and let us do our job and don't disturb me/us with your pm's.

Over and out.

Please don't spam my inbox, if i'm not replying, i'm not online and i haven't read your pm. Thanks a lot for understanding.
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I have cleared and revoked all the warnings and everything.
In case I have accidentally misleft someone, I kindly ask the said gold or platinum member to send me a pm.
Kind regards.
Read the Rules, please.
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