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Anyone watch or play any sports? favorite teams?

I know we are all likely the type of people who spend lots of time on our butts in front of our computers.  haha.  Does anyone play any physical games/sports, or go watch the games?  Personally, I am not all that big sports fan, but I occasionally enjoy watching Basketball.  I don't really have one single favorite team, though.
I used to play Football in the last years and i am a big fan of it.
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I am a big sport fan. Like to watch many different sports. Unfortunately not much time for doing that. As a teenager I was playing all kind of sports and was active a lot. Nowdays... rarely playing any sport. Sad

Being a fan of sports teams somehow lately lost sense for me. Today rarely anyone plays for fun, joy and becoming skillful. It's mostly about the money.
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@ DA

Just out of curiosity, do you mean what Americans call "football", or what the rest of the world calls football, which we call soccer?  It is much more logical to call the sport that is played by kicking a ball around with your feet "football", but for some reason, Americans use that name for a game that is loosely based on rugby.

I played soccer (football to the rest of the world) a bit when I was a kid.  It is not as much fun to watch as basketball, I don't think, because it is a little slow, and there are often not very many goals.  Games sometimes end with scores like 1 to 0.  I DO think it is a fun sport to actually play though. 

American football is the most popular sport in the United States, by far, but I never really got into it.
Yeah, i meant Soccer. Smile
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I play Soccer, and want to get back into Basketball.
I sympathize with James Bond We too play cricket for fun almost every holiday but rarely plays now.
I love American football. Fan of the New England Patriots.

I’ve been trying to get into NBA, UFC, and boxing but no luck so far.
I watch Soccer, tennis, Boxing, MMA, darts, snooker, when i was fit i played soccer and did a bit of boxing and MMA but nowadays i'm lucky to have the energy after work for darts lol.

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