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kaliman100CS addicted

Dear friend adm

I need to know what I need the most to get to CS addicted

How can I earn vouches?

Thank you
If you read the rank system,you would have already known.Just post useful threads in GD and links in porn link sharing section and automatically you rise and for CS addicted you need to have vouches from others,So you must earn their trust through your threads and posts in GD and suggestions.
But from seeing your threads you must aim for contributor rather than addicted which is mainly for non-Cracking people.
               Follow the Rules and Enjoy Crackingsoul.     
          Don't Ask for Accounts or Promotion Via PM,EARN IT.
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@ 454subash was faster than me, here too. Thanks
(28-05-2020, 05:16 PM)454 subhielo Wrote: Si leyó el sistema de clasificación, ya lo habría sabido. Simplemente publique hilos útiles en GD y enlaces en la sección de intercambio de enlaces porno y automáticamente se eleva y para los adictos a CS necesita tener comprobantes de otros, por lo que debe ganarse su confianza a través de su hilos y publicaciones en GD y sugerencias.
Pero al ver sus hilos, debe apuntar a un contribuyente en lugar de adicto, que es principalmente para personas que no son crackers.
Thank very much

sorry, what is GD?
General discussion section
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