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kocigeFew usability issues with shoutbox

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These were my observations while using shoutbox today.

1. At the end the smilie icon hides the cursor and typed characters (last two). 

suggestion: We can have the text area end before the smilie icon


2. Top row smilie icons are hidden 

caused by css #content{overflow:hidden}


3.  Shoutbox theme is similar to forum heading theme making it a little hard to discover. Also Enter your message is little hard to read.

humble suggestion: we can wrap the the shoutbox messages and the text box with a common border



4. Selecting text (like mouse text selection or shift + left/right arrow key) in shoutbox is not visible since the background is blue and default browser selector color also same blue color. 

suggestion: we can have contrast text selector color in shoutbox

5. Good to have: Send button in shoutbox after smilie icon. Since the text box is very long, it doesnt hurt the available real-estate very much.  

Thanks for your time


adding files as attachments 

seems adding images is a bit tricky for new poster
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Now it looks like a thread, check the tutorials posted by @ wormtail39 on how to post images on CS.

So, let us start.

First of all thankyou for reporting this, i have been doing many modifications in the last few days and didn't notice that the simleys were being covered as i can see them normal with my account. Had to use a test account to verify this and had to delete the padding, overflow: hidden is related to something else.

So, the smileys window looks fine to me.

Second, the text on shoutbox looks fine to me again, here is the screenshot:


Which browser are you using?

Third, the text box length on shoutbox can be changed and i have done it,so, now it won't be touching the smileys while typing.

Fourth, well, we could use a send button but i personally feel that selecting a smiley and then hit the enter button is more pratical then selecting a smiley and then click on a small send button.

Please don't spam my inbox, if i'm not replying, i'm not online and i haven't read your pm. Thanks a lot for understanding.
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Yeah smilie window and text box overlapping with smilie icon are fixed now.

I am using brave browser - brave has legacy for breaking page layouts, so it may be because of the browser.

Also I had read this post by @ wormtail39  https://crackingsoul.com/Thread-Tutorial...ages-on-CS and even tried to paste the image data into the url, thinking it will parse base64 into image while rendering. What I was trying to do was to paste the image copied.

Anyway I finally learned to how to post images as attachment and insert them into the post 

One question on the above image tutorial - If I add an external image using url, and if the external image was taken down, will my thread still have the image (i.e will it be downloaded and stored locally in CS server when posting the thread)?
Well, it is simple, if you post an image which is uploaded on an external server and not on CS and the server takes it down, it is normal that it will not work.

That's why i prefer to download the image and upload it to CS.

Let me know if i can move this thread.


Please don't spam my inbox, if i'm not replying, i'm not online and i haven't read your pm. Thanks a lot for understanding.
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Yeah you can move this thread solved state

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