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Hi Everyone here at CS

I'm interested in learning the technical aspects of this under appreciated skill and so that is one goal for the new year, crack a low security site on my own and then from there who knows.... the moon, mars? TIme will tell. Look forward to contributing or appreciating the great content provided by the community here.

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On behalf of all CS Staff Team members, I would like to welcome you to CS Forum.
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Follow and respect the Rules, most important thing be nice and kind to our members.
We are a friendly community, we like to have fun.

So read, think, respect and have fun with us.

Read the Rules, please.

Have fun and Enjoy but don't forget to follow the rules

Please don't spam my inbox, if i'm not replying, i'm not online and i haven't read your pm. Thanks a lot for understanding.
Welcome. I’m new myself trying to learn my way around. We have similar aspirations. God speed good sir
welcome to this big family
I've kind of tried searching everywhere for the technical aspect of this too. Hoping this is a great resource.
hello and welcome
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