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Schnib[Gaming] Alternatives to Steam for games?

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Hi everyone. I see a lot of alternative websites for Steam. I wonder what everyone uses? For example there is Green Man Gaming and GOG. What do you use?

Here it is


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GOG is pretty nice, but that's because they're good guys. A lot of games just don't exist there.

For EA titles, Origin was pretty much the only place until last week when they've now started offering games on Steam.

Another store to look at is Epic Games Store. They have a lot of deals, exclusives and free giveaways.
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I play cracked games and I would probably feel guilty if not half of the game I wanted to play were either filled with bug or destroyed by microtransaction...
I have linux, so finding Linux games is hard. 

I also only play retro games.

I learnt about a tool called wine, and you can use it to run Windows games.

Retro games run find on wine, so thats a plus.

My alternative to steam is gaming forums, the retro community is huge:

Eg. https://atariage.com/forums/index.php

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