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WetToiletPaper712[General Discussion] WetToiletPaper Discussions

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BB 19 Update 08-24-2017

Mark got voted out, as expected.

Jason is the New HOH.
BB 19 Update,

There was a Rain Delay, but Christmas Won HOH.

Double Eviction next Thurs, so 2 People will be leaving.

My Guess is that Jason will be one of them.
Many thanks for your time and informations WTP!

BB 19 Update (09-02-2017).

Paul Won Veto, don't know yet if he will use it.

Remember Double Eviction Thurs.
BB 19 Update (09-07-2017)

Double Eviction tonight. Jason & Raven got Evicted tonight.

Now it is down to 5 House Guests.

There may be a Special Eviction Wed, and then another Eviction on Thursday.

Now to my BIG-BIG Big Brother Announcement,

For the FIRST Time Ever in the US, there is going to be a Celebrity Big Brother.

Don't know the Details yet, so stay tuned.
Thanks @ WTP for keeping us updating.I feel sorry that i can't write more in this thread as i don't watch BB.
(08-09-2017, 09:13 AM)DA Wrote: Thanks @ WTP for keeping us updating.I feel sorry that i can't write more in this thread as i don't watch BB.
Well DA, then you should watch it.

Do you watch sports, are there certain sports and/or Teams that you like better ?

Are there teams etc, that you don't like ?

Are there Players that you like or don't like ?

My Brother has been a Life Long Raiders Fan, and Hates the Denver Broncos.

Big Brother brings in People from different backgrounds, etc, and they team up, and these teams scheme and backstab each other.

So you pick a team and/or certain Person(s) and you root for them, and you Boo the others.

If you watch the Online part, they talk about themselves, family/friends.

If you become friends etc, you usually get to know that person, sometimes in BB you see somebody that you like, and its interesting to get to know that person.

The Reality show Jersey Shore all they did a lot was get drunk and Fight , these housewives shows the big thing there is drinking and arguing.

Big Brother is not everybody's cup of Tea, I am Not a Reality Junkie, I like the Voice-Americas got talent-Big Brother.

Check it out Sunday Night--Wed night--Thursday night-----Check out sunday Night and see if you like it.
I agree with the point you mentioned above WTP but I am still more into watching some sport than BB
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BB 19 Update.

Wednesday Night (09-20-2017) they will crown the winner

1st Place--Half Million Dollars

2nd Place-- 50 Thousand Dollars

Americas Favorite Player--25 Thousand Dollars
Well,i'm going to be the winner!!!

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