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Good laptop Brand

Can some one suggest which brand's laptop is worth the money,the ones available economic in India are Dell,HP,ASUS,ACER.So please suggest any of them,Iam not including MSI and Apple as they are expensive.Iam looking for gaming laptop with some durability and last more than 3 years.
My Dell (which I bought used) was working 8 years without a failure. I am not using it for about 2 years now but only because it became a bit slow and not because it  has died. So my vouch always will go to Dell.

However, other members might have different experience and I am looking forward to hear it.
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I have no idea about gaming laptops because i think a laptop isn't made for gaming.

I got an HP laptop since 5 years and never had problems with it.
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Gaming laptops are generally not very good; often times you pay a lot and sacrifice a lot of power to get the components down to a good size, and then the laptop is usually still really bulky and runs hot.  That being said, many people in the tech community like the Dell XPS 13.
As everyone has said, i rather go for a desktop when it comes to gaming. Laptop wise, i have had a 17" Toshiba that has been solid for the last 3 years.

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Well,Thanks for your replies,I have desktop but not gaming rig,I thought Laptop would be useful due to portability and such.Iknow Dell and HP are great brands but they are still expensive compared to Asus and Acer with respect to Specification and thus I raised the question And Iam happy to hear that Laptop will last more than 3 years Big Grin .
join indian gamer youtube channel. he will guide you
Unfortunately,I don,t know Hindi Polar99.
I have had the best experiences with ASUS Laptops.  They seem to last forever.  The only issue is that the power plugs are a small diameter, and one of them broke on me.  The larger plugs on some other brands are a bit stronger, but over all, ASUS is fantastic.
ASUS and Dell are your best bets, IMO.

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