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Oxide1[Introduction] Hello Everyone

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Looks like a great place to have some fun and learn a few things. Glad that I was able to find it. Thanks to al involved for all your hard work and efforts.
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  • venom404
Hello and welcome to the CS Forum.

Please do yourself a favor and read the Rules.

Enjoy and have fun, cheers.
By completing the Registration on this Forum, you have promised us that you have read ALL the Rules - so JUST do it please and just be honest with us.
I am not an evil guy nor a mean one, but I can become the strictest mod you have ever faced with.
Just be kind + honest and I will be a SWEETHEART, promise   
hi there good to meet ya
Welcome to CrackingSoul
Hello Oxide, welcome and nice to meet you!
Welcome to CS! Happy new year and enjoy your stay!
Welcome Oxide1

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