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DAKindly asking GOLD members to leave your feedback on GOLD section

I could also add some words but DA has described the things (facts) as they are so I won't. It's more than enough... Actually, that might be one of the best vouches Gold section got !
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"I am considering this feedback a complete bullshit because if you have the following threads opened here, that means not only the other forum but nobody can fill them"

I already made 2 requests on the other forum and cant make more until next month, and kenyagolden site i have gotten on other forum many times and within 1 day or two.

The point is i felt my requests here the past year never get fulfilled and i never said you were a fish seller.

Then you went and threaten me that you will take serious action because of the feedback i left.

Nice way to treat your customers, you're not a nice person.

Ok i read your reply again, you can delete my posts, i was spoiled by the other forum's fast fulfilling of my requests and had a bad day yesterday.

I'm sorry.

I'm going to pm you the links from other forum just so you know i'm not lying and i had no means to hurt your forum.

I pmed you 14 links and yes the other forum got super ridicusly expensive so i'm not reneweing there any more.
I could renew my yearly subscription in your forum if you can provide similar quick fulfil service to the other forum.
You can limit our requests to two also as long they get done soon at least within 3 days.

And please remove the bump rule if you can, i keep forgetting all the time to bump on time.

In short this is the weak area in your forum i tried to point out, if you can improve it you can raise the price too a little and i would still remain your customer.

I hope we're cool Smile
Thanks for the reply.

The edit function system has worked Smile ,otherwise whatever you have written could be modified or deleted.

I'm having difficult time in my life, so, what? Should i shout to everyone because of that? Should i try to spit my anger on others?

Your had a bad day yesterday so, what? Are we guilty for that?

If the other forum filled the requests in a day, we did it even in some hours for many of our users.So, what?

You sent me 14 Url's where your requests have been filled in a day with the following accounts but here are the facts:

dogfartnetwork--filled by us

kenyagolden--can be found in the gold sections,so, you don't even need to make a request for it and here too, you didn't even use the search function and opened the request,we again closed an eye on that.

takefilelink-You never requested on CS

throated--You never requested on CS

teenikini--You never requested on CS

elegantangel--You never requested on CS

boxtrucksex--You never requested on CS

sheenashaw--You never requested on CS

cum4k--You never requested on CS

evilangel--You requested once but we hadn't possiibilty to crack it because of g recpatcha,now can be found in Gold section.

cherrypimps--You never requested on CS

Many of the accounts above indicated can be found on our forum,so, you don't even need to make a request for it,just use the search function and if you don't request them , we aren't any mind readers here,sorry.

How i treat my customers? Well, they all know it better and i won't comment on that.

We are everytime trying to fulfill your requests and as i already said, not every site is crackable, you need to bump your requests otherwise we aren't bothering to crack them, we got other things to do too.

Regarding your suggestion of deleting the bump rule and pointing out our weak point, you can use the gold chat section, we have created a separate thread for your suggestions,here too, you are missing something.

The rules in USA are different from the rules in Norway,they can't be same everywhere.

Please leave this section only for feedbacks ,positive or negative but let them be legit.

We have been putting all of our forces to come to this point and still investing energy in it.

Respect The Rules And Enjoy CrackingSoul
Don't Ask About Rank Promotions Via Pm.
Got it, i will use the chat section next time, please remove my posts if you want and i'm sorry again.
I would prefer to leave everything as it is.

Kind regards.
Respect The Rules And Enjoy CrackingSoul
Don't Ask About Rank Promotions Via Pm.
I've known many forums about cracking, I was a VIP member in many of them, but... I never found a site that compares to this one, it is amazing the quality that there is in this forum, also I would like to highlight the quality of the staff, very co-operative and friendly, always willing to help in our doubts and taking care about the leechers. And AT the Moment, I have no complaints to make (I hope that doesn't change soon lol)!
AS a current VIP member I reached this conclusion

- It's a FAMILY forum, like the series CHEERS, where everybody knows your name Smile

- They try there best to give you full attention and support.

Thank you for the good times.  Heart
Hello all,

so far its one of the best forum ive been along - very nice long lasting passwords and interesting Threads.

I hope this forum especialy the Gold Forum stays a long long time with this quality - very nice.

Thanks a lot for your work.

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