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Read: Why you can't take more than 1 account/day

Hello members!

I've been contacted from several members in the last few weeks who asked me "Why they can't take more than 1 account/day?"

Let me reply you all here instead of sending you a pm.

We have put these restrictions because of leeching and leechers.So,what is a leecher and what is leeching?

Leecher is a member who will take or try to rip all accounts/infos/configs ecc ecc in the first hour after his registration or in a day and this process is called leeching.

I'm not blaming you that you are leechers as i know almost all of you and you know me as well. The accounts are for members who really need them and they really care about their activity on Crackingsoul.

Even being in the Member group they really follow the rules but not all are same.Some will try to be overclever ,hence this limit is needed to protect us against leechers and leeching.

I'm proud to say that we are doing our best to provide you fresh accounts everyday despite the fact that cracking is becoming difficult day by day.

So,in case you don't want those limits,then you need to learn cracking accounts yourselves and i would be glad to help you out in this.

If you think you can't learn cracking or you find it boring then you can try to apply for the Contributor Rank

It is the only rank which doesn't ask for posting accounts but something interested must also be posted from you to get it as every rank asks for activity.

So,i think that with this thread i have replied all of you and i am pretty sure you will understand my reasons.

I wish of a very comfortable stay on Crackingsoul.com

Respect The Rules And Enjoy CrackingSoul

Don't Ask About Rank Promotions Via Pm.

Good answer @DA

One day (soon, I hope), I'll learn the mystery of cracking with you  Smile
Homemade Family my cooking blog  Tongue
You are more than welcome!
Respect The Rules And Enjoy CrackingSoul

Don't Ask About Rank Promotions Via Pm.

Nicely said. I can only agree with everything.
Please read forum rules carefully before making your first posts.
Want more than 1 account per day  ? Become a contributor (it's free).
(28-04-2018, 06:36 PM)Luke Skywalker Wrote: Nicely said. I can only agree with everything.

i agree that this works to minimize leechers, but what if the one you pick to reply to ends up being a dead pass, then you are done for the day and have to wait 24hrs.

My thoughts have been expressed in my first post in this thread.

And please bear in mind,we are talking about free accounts posted for our members, means the members aren't paying or contributing in no way to have them.

Respect The Rules And Enjoy CrackingSoul

Don't Ask About Rank Promotions Via Pm.


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