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wormtail39[Tutorial] Quick tutorial on finding old accounts u have taken on CS

Hey guys! have you ever been in that situation where you go to use an account u have taken from a few months ago e.g. brazzers and its dead, and then have to manually search through your own posts one by one for the thread you got the password from in order to report it? Im going to quickly show you a much faster way. 

1. Navigate your way to CS's advanced search option found next to "rank system".

2. This will bring you to an advanced search page with many options, Ignore "search by key word" section and instead enter your username into the "search by username" section.

3.  Once you have entered your username navigate your way to scrollable options menu and click the free premium accounts section (if you think your account was from gold click on the gold section) and then click search. 

4. This will allow you to search through all your replies to posted accounts in that section without haveing to look through all your replies and posts across the whole site like you would have to if you used you user cp. Simply scroll through till you find the dead account and report it. This method can also be used to find accounts that you have taken that are not dead but you simply forgot to save or write down the name and pass for. When done correctly it should look like this.

Thanks for listening i hope you found this tutorial useful! and remeber to please REPORT DEAD ACCOUNTS!
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