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im from germany and are interestet in cryptos. 
its funny how the internet become now - u must show that you arent an bot to register everywhere and cant write too short/too long.

how is your opinion on cryptos? thanks.
It is an introduction section and i have never seen such poor introduction.

Enjoy Crackingsoul and keep and eyes on the rules.
Respect The Rules And Enjoy CrackingSoul

Don't Ask About Rank Promotions Via Pm.

You have to show you’re not a bot to prevent spam on this forum. I think it’s a good idea to keep out the bots and leeches.

Anyways, welcome to Cracking Soul!
Welcome to CrackingSoul! Please make sure to read all the rules and of-course enjoy!

Follow The Rules and Have Fun!

Welcome dvlzgrmz,

quite a strange name. I was also a little suprised that the introduction has to be that short.

Best wishes

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