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englandfan99[General Discussion] whats your favourite genre of music?

my one iis rock, rap and 80s music i really love.
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  • shenmue
i like psycadelic rock ahah like pinkfloyd, tame impalla etc etc
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  • englandfan99
great taste in music you have sir
Seems like me with the electronic won't fit your two tastes

But to be true, there are many genres of music that I like.

Not just this casual genres but some other less popular like medieval, celtic, gospel, swing, goth metal... some of you might be surprised with the diversity of the music I like but electronic, dance and disco were the ones I have grove up with.
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Used to hear only Rap, hip hop but now listening to every kind of music, may be i'm understanding it some better.

Little offtopic @englandfan99

I have just seen your warning level is up to 80%, take care because you are on the limit.

Sorry for OT.

Exactly the same as the OP, especially 80's, i do enjoy some 90's as well as i was a kid growing up in that decade and some of those cheesy songs are catchy and part of my life growing up.

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