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CrackerFibaG[Introduction] Hey CrackingSoul

Hello my Name is FibaG.
I was searching for new forum cracking where it's not so many people, I like how it's look this forum from now.
I can cracking in sentry, storm, etc.
I can make a simple config for sentry atm I need still to learn in advance config.
Maybe in the future I will busy with real life, but I will try to stay active in this forum.
Hope I can make some friends in this forum.
Hello and welcome on Crackingsoul.com!

We hope you could really enjoy your stay here.

Kind regards!
Respect The Rules,Respect My Staff And Enjoy CrackingSoul.
Don't Ask About Rank Promotions Via Pm.
Don't Send Me PM'S To Higher Up The One Account/Day Limit. Show Your Work And Get A Rank.
Welcome to Crackingsoul @FibaG
You can sharpen your knowledge of cracking here for sure.
Hello crack, it's nice to see new crackers even you said for yourself that you have basic knowledge. You are at the right place to move from basic to advanced for sure so good luck and welcome !
Please read forum rules carefully before making your first posts.
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