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WetToiletPaper Discussions

(11-08-2017, 11:30 PM)DA Wrote: Thanks for the update WTP...Soon you can chat in shoutbox!


Pretty DEAD around here, maybe the shoutbox will help.
Yeah hate to say it I'm not really the talkative type though I would probably be active in shout.
(12-08-2017, 03:10 AM)footfreek99 Wrote: Yeah hate to say it I'm not really the talkative type though I would probably be active in shout.

Hi FootFreak,

I am a Introverted person myself, I am NOT involved in any of these Social things, I am NOT into Chit Chat.

I could care less about FaceBook etc, My younger brother passed away last year, he was a SMOOTH talker.

I am more of a issue/idea person.

I don't have blinders on, I can see things from different perspective's, sometimes I will play the devil's advocate.

If you think you would do better in the ShoutBox, just think of my Place as a ShoutBox, if we can bring in people to talk about things,

We could talk about Friends/Family/Sports/Something from the News etc,.

So stop by anytime.
Guys,i hope you understand that it isn't easy now a days,to bring people to talk with each other.I am doing my best to provide this forum with every single possibility,so,that we can bring some general activity on CS.

But i would also not forget,that we are only a 4-5 months old community.So,things will need time to grow up.

Kind regards!

Well the ShoutBox is OPEN, so come and join the Party.
Interesting Comp tonight at BB (08-12-2017).

Jason has to wear a Costume, and the Helmut has a Big X on the Top, and when the Announcer says Extreme, he has to yell out "I Am Extreme".
He has to do it for 1 Week, wherever and whatever he is doing, even sleeping.

Paul & Christmas are dressed up like skydivers, and they are hooked together, for 48 Hours.

Alex is dressed up like a Forest Ranger, and every time the Trumpet sounds, she has to take down her tent etc, and put it back up.
She also has to cook everybody a hot dog on a Propane Grill, for 1 week.

Looks to be interesting.

PS. Earlier last month, Jessica and Cody dressed up like Frogs, and had to Hop Around where ever they went, for 1 week.
BB 19 Update (Thursday--08-17-2017).

Double Eviction tonight, Cody & Elena got Evicted tonight, and will be the 1st 2 People in the Jury House.

I have a feeling that Mark may just be the Next one Evicted, but we will see what happens this week.
BB Update (08-24-2017)

Eviction time tonight, I think it will be Mark tonight.

Then it will be down to the Final 8, they should get a Party tonight or tomorrow.

This is a strange season for Big Brother, most of them have gotten along pretty good.

Now it is down to the Final 8, we will see if the Fireworks Flare up.
Nice update there WTP!
PowerBall 08-23-2017

Last night a woman WON the PowerBall, she WON 758 Million Dollars !!!!!!!!!!!! Tongue

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